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Lori Ellis

  • Vision Coach

Hello there!

Thank you for stopping by and getting to know me!

My name is Lori Ellis, and I am a Certified Life and Vision Coach through Jay ShettyCertification School. My vision is to be a light in this world, helping others to see the light within themselves.

I will show you how to believe and manifest the things in your heart through your thoughts, words, affirmations, writing, and all the tools to help you believe. I believe in affirmations and how our WORDS can change our past, present and future. I will show you how to speak your future into existence through your thoughts, words, and writing.

I will guide you to uncover the light within yourself to journey on the path ahead confidently. I will help you create peace in your present moment.


Are you or someone you care about currently facing a hospital stay or undergoing treatment as a patient in a hospital, needing hope, guidance, encouragement, and coaching to navigate this challenging time and find peace, hope, and light in your soul? Contact me for more details on how I can walk alongside you through this journey.

Would you like to go on a local easy VISION HIKE with me to gain clarity and hope in reaching your goals? Contact me for more details on how I can walk alongside you on this journey.

Would you prefer to meet at a local coffee shop or connect via virtual ZOOM from miles away? Let’s walk that path together and discover the light of hope, peace, and purpose. Contact me for more details to see what this will look like.