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Maci Yager Pantoja

  • Life Coach

Maci Yager Pantoja

  • Life Coach

Hi, I’m Maci, here to help you to live a life you truly desire.

I’m passionate about self-improvement, introspection, and growing daily to be the best soul I can be with a focus of joy,  purpose, and ease at my core. 

As a Life Coach, I find purpose in helping others to be all they want to be and to experience a life of their desires! 

I am by no means perfect, so my coaching is not built on me knowing the answer to everything. In fact, I firmly believe that you have everything you need within yourself to create the life of your dreams. Often, what is holding us back is our subconscious mind (parts of our mind’s way of thinking that we aren’t even aware of; it makes up about 90% of our mind)! I’m here to help you become aware of your subconscious through awareness, reflection, auditing exercises, and much more. It is only when we bring our true subconscious thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, motives etc. to the consciousness/ awareness level that true progress can be made. And this is only the beginning of my coaching. We will also focus on accountability, habit building, consistent actions, and more to build a life of desires that eventually comes with ease.

With me, you will always receive a non-judgmental, safe space to fully unpack, reflect, and grow. 

My Life Coaching is for you if you:

  • Feel stuck in any area of your life
  • Want to improve and are unsure where or how to begin
  • Aren’t living the life you want
  • Want to learn how to build habits that support your desires
  • Want to create a life that aligns with your conscious and subconscious desires

I offer several different 1:1 coaching packages where you are in control of when we meet.

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