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Magesh Sivam

  • Holistic Coach

I help people in their mid-life who feel stagnant, stressed, dispassionate and undergoing major life transitions to lead aligned, balanced, fulfilling, and harmonious lives. With a deep understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection, I will help you transform your life by addressing all aspects of their well-being. I am committed to guiding individuals on a journey toward holistic health, and my approach is rooted in compassion, mindfulness, and a comprehensive understanding of mind-body-soul connection..

With a background in modern science/psychology and  eastern vedic/yogic traditions/practice, I merge the best of both worlds to create a unique coaching experience. I have certifications in Life Coaching, NLP, Yoga and breath-work which allows me to blend the knowledge of human behavior and the principles of holistic living seamlessly.

Whether it’s setting and achieving personal goals, managing stress, improving relationships, or enhancing one’s overall quality of life, I provide the tools and guidance necessary to bring about positive change.


One-on-One coaching

Group workshops


When I am not coaching, I enjoy practicing yoga, meditation, playing soccer, rock climbing and spending time in nature.  I am a firm believer that true holistic health is attainable for everyone, and I am  dedicated to supporting his clients on their unique journeys to a more balanced and fulfilling life.