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Michael Kassulke

  • Visionary & Leadership Coach

Michael Kassulke

  • Visionary & Leadership Coach

Take Me To Your Leaders!

And innovators, entrepreneurs, inventors, creators, artists, athletes, authors, actors, change-makers, pioneers and disruptors. Take me, my friend, to your Visionaries.

Visionaries, looking for their X-Factor.

This is you. Humble yet confident, highly driven and socially conscious. You strive in challenges, relishing in finding intelligent and effective solutions, with, out the box forward-thinking. You’re intelligent with a touch of renegade, a natural leader with a creative mind. You’re on-trend, yet unafraid to challenge the status quo. Motivated by positive change in your own life, and the lives that surround you. Deep down, you know, your possibilities are endless, because deep down, you, are a disruptor.

So why are you here?

The highly driven change-makers, visionaries and thought leaders like yourself, face challenges today that often cause procrastination, stagnation, loss of focus and clarity. Amplifying creative blocks and limiting beliefs, leading to the self-sabotage of the vision you started with. You know obstacles are opportunities not yet designed right, but feelings of overwhelm can seep through, stalling your decision-making process, making you feel stuck in a rut, demotivated and struggling to breakthrough.

You have misplaced your X-Factor.

A lot of Coaches love quotes, I am no different, so here is the most appropriate right now…

“Good News Everyone!!!” (Prof. Farnsworth/Futurama)

My name is Michael Kassulke and I’m a Visionary & Leadership Coach. I think out the box. I create and design life strategy with you, not for you. I’ll help you refine your perspective while we establish possibilities perhaps undiscovered.
Working together, let’s dream big, meet your ambitions, open the possibilities, own your potential, and master your legacy.

Together, we will make change.


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