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Morgan Gleason

  • Transition Coach

Morgan Gleason

  • Transition Coach

In this life we go through so many transitions; from career change, relationship changes with friends or family, and simply feeling lost in our current life. Some of which we expect and others that totally catch us off guard. Or maybe you’ve been thinking about taking action to switch up your life but just don’t know where to start. You no longer have to tackle these challenges alone. 

As a transition coach I will guide you to see the potential you possess within to create your desired life. You don’t have to suffer in silence and wish for better. You can act, right now to build a life with intention, purpose, and happiness. You have the power and knowledge within to build the life you want to live. Together we will use the knowledge you have about yourself and my training as a life coach to flip the switch of your life. 

My goal as a life coach is to help you turn the too big to handle, overwhelming, and intimidating events of life into straight forward, attainable, and digestible pieces. 

My goal is the remind you how truly powerful you are. That the wisdom you have within yourself is great and it is waiting to guide and support you. 


About Morgan

I had never heard of a life coach until I came across Jay Shetty and this coach training program. For a couple years I had been searching for a more meaningful career path but never found something I was passionate about… Until coaching. This immediately called to me. As I have always been a lover and supporter for those in my life it seemed very fitting that coaching would allow me to do the same for those who need an unbiased ear, with no agenda, and willing to focus on you and your journey. 

I love the mountains and go camping as often as I can with my partner and dog. I enjoy drawing, painting or just doodling in my journal. I am a free spirt at heart but enjoy a solid routine to keep me grounded each day. I cannot resist a good read that’s about personal/mental growth or an attention-grabbing mystery thriller. 

I believe that learning is key factor to a happy life. Whether that’s learning about the self, about a topic, or others around you. Our brains crave it – when I am bored, I know it’s my brain telling me it’s time to engage. Let’s learn together.