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Mridula Malhotra

  • Confidence and Self-Belief Coach

Mridula Malhotra

  • Confidence and Self-Belief Coach

Mridula is a Jay Shetty Certified Life and Success Coach. Mridula believes that every woman deserves to believe in her own ability and worth. In doing so she can look after not only herself but also her family. She believes that Confidence is an inside job, and it is by working through a holistic approach of self-development and growth that a woman can connect to her authentic self and then bring about change in her outer world.

Mridula’s journey to finding her purpose started after she had her second child in September 2017. At the time she found herself dealing with a lot of her own childhood demons while also becoming the sole caregiver for 4 other individuals in her larger family. This led to a burn out, depression and an existential crisis. Knowing that this was not what life was meant to be she ended up spending a lot of time contemplating, studying, and searching for the meaning of life through self-inquiry. Through perseverance to find the meaning and joy in living again, Mridula connected back to Hindustani Classical Music, Meditation and Ancient Scriptures only to realise how much her compassion and desire to be of service to the larger community grew.

In October 2019 Mridula signed up to become a Life Coach. While working full time and being the primary caregiver for her children and other sick members of the family. She strived to achieve her certification and built a life of meaning and purpose.

Mridula is a strong believer in Conscious Living, and she believes that true transformation is only possible when one moves away from auto pilot and connects in with themselves through methods of deep inquiry and introspection. Mridula helps women connect back to their authentic selves working through noise and unpeeling the layers to unlock clarity, focus, self-belief, increase self-esteem, self-compassion, and joy.

Mridula’s coaching framework which is grounded in the ABC framework, positive psychology, non-violent communication, and ancient wisdom. She uses deep conversations, tools and techniques such as reflective exercises, visualisations, meditations, metaphors and creativity in her coaching session.

Through her structured coaching approach, Mridula helps her clients expand their perception, diving into their needs and feelings behind the goals that the client brings to the coaching session. This helps the client to uncover blindspots, break away self-limiting beliefs and build healthy habits to support the goals. The goal of the session is always forward movement for the Client, at their pace and in their own time.

Mridula’s long term vision is for every women to feel limitless in her ability, fearless in her endeavours and grounded in her self-belief and joy bringing about a world of elevated compassion.