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Natalia Sol Alvarez

  • Alignment & Empowerment Coach for Travelers/Migrants Women

Natalia Sol Alvarez

  • Alignment & Empowerment Coach for Travelers/Migrants Women

Hello woman!

What is that emotion showing to you at this moment? Is it fear? A limiting belief? Lack of “motivation”, self-esteem, confidence or self-love? A pattern coming from your past?

I get you. I have personally been through this journey which is why I have chosen this specific audience.

Having a Growth Mindset, being hungry for self-development and for conducting my life authentically, I first emigrated in 2019. Leaving my social and professional life as a lawyer behind, a non-aligned life to me.

Traveling has always been one of my main passions. Getting to know different cultures and places is absolutely stimulating for me. However, my biggest AHA moment was when I realized that by being by myself, I could be whomever I wanted to be. Hence, this was even more exhilarating.

It was then that I understood that I had this power. The power to be me. I was not only traveling abroad but also to myself. I was (re)connecting with my true essence; I was choosing to be me and leave behind all kinds of social pressure related to the way we should live our lives.

Don´t get me wrong, this wasn’t easy. I needed to make a decision. THE DECISION, to love me. Acknowledging that this was the first step needed for my self-development journey, I spent the last 4 years working on myself and by myself, while also traveling. Second AHA moment, I was a soloist.

Not being able to ask for help led me to two big crises. I got into a big hole, feeling depressed and anxious since I wanted to live my authentic and meaningful life with purpose and adding value, and I wasn’t finding my answers. However, I was determined to keep on working on myself and creating my authentic life.

Four years of self-development journey (combining different tools such as meditation, coaching, books, courses and working with inspiring coaches) brought me to become a certified coach, a practice that I had been implementing unconsciously all my life (THIRD AHA MOMENT).

Coaching for me is even more than a profession, coaching is part of myself. It is within me; it is part of my essence which is why I am excited to also guide women who aspire to also find their answers by (re)connecting with themselves. It all starts from making the decision to love yourself. Have you made this decision?

If this short introduction resonates with you, feel free to contact me.

I would love to guide you and help you traverse the personal and unconscious obstacles that are stopping you to align your professional career with your true essence. You can also have that dream job and have a meaningful and authentic life.

With love and enthusiasm, Nati.