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Neal Bakshi

  • Life and Soul Coach

I’m Neal and I am a Life Coach, Perspective and Self-Empowerment Guide!

I specialize in spirituality, self-love, fulfillment, and purpose.

I spent over seven years working in Investment Banking on Wall Street, and after the sudden and unexpected death of my mom I took a step back to examine my life, who I was, and my broader perspective.

With personal lessons learned from body dysmorphia, grief and trauma, illness, and the 80-100 hour a week corporate rat race, I help my clients discover the self-limiting beliefs that are holding them back from being who they really are.

If you’re feeling any of the below, I encourage you to reach out to me.

– Lost
– Overwhelmed
– Apathetic
– Stuck in a rut
– Strong feelings or emotions
– Confused about your life path or no control over personal life
– The need to chase external validation (familial, cultural, societal)
– The general feeling that “something’s off”

I reinvigorate my clients’ excitement for life and guide them towards feeling more fulfilled in their day-to-day lives.

More often than not everything can appear fine and steady-state on the surface.

The underlying emotional blocks and anxieties we hold in our heart and bodies can make us:

– Reactionary
– Trapped in “loss of control” cycles
– Feeding negative self-talk
– Prevent us from being truly present and enjoying life

If you’re ready to feel a deep sense of calmness, inner satisfaction, motivation, intuition guiding you, and fulfillment – send me an email at or visit my website ( or send me a DM on Instagram (@neal.bakshi).

I can’t wait to hear from you!