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Neela Pirwitz

  • Balance and Success Coach

Neela Pirwitz

  • Balance and Success Coach

We often hear “life is all about balance”. Yet balance can seem like one of the most difficult things to achieve. This is especially the case when thinking about work-life balance. How many times have you struggled to combine working with living? Your job with your relationships? And your responsibilities with your happiness? 

As a balance and success coach I help my clients to increase their performance at their job, while setting more boundaries and creating a healthy work-life balance. My mission is to help my clients to fit “work” into “life”, rather than “life” into “work”. My goal is to help my clients prevent burn-out and experience how their productivity, creativity and success can soar by creating balance. Your happiness can increase, and your relationships and health can see positive effects of your newfound balance too! 

With a background in Psychology and Strategic Innovation Management, I have always been fascinated by people and their actions. At the same time, I am interested in what it takes for them to make a business successful. People are a business’s most valuable asset. Ensuring they are performing well, can make it easier to ensure that the business is performing well. The best way in which we can ensure people are performing well, is by taking care of their mental health – and a healthy work-life balance is key for that. 

My own personal development journey started when I was 19. Since then, I have learned many lessons, from many different experts, which I passionately share with the people around me. I have been the “advisor friend” for as long as I can remember – those around me tend to trust me and seek my support. Partially because I communicate openly and transparently, partially because I recognize that every person is the expert of their own life: I listen and seek to understand, without judging or assuming. 

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