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Nella Mehissou

  • Empowerment & Transformation Coach

Nella Mehissou

  • Empowerment & Transformation Coach

Everything you go through in life is a piece of your experience that has something significant for you to learn. It’s all about a deep transformational journey into ones mental, emotional, behavioral and spiritual beliefs and patterns.

To this extent nothing is meaningless. Every step counts to bring value to your true self. But does a part of you feel unfulfilled? Are you looking for something more? Do you feel you were destined to do something greater? What has been stopping you?

Are you ready for your breakthrough? ready to rise to your next level? get more out of life and willing to do something out of your comfort zone? Are you interested and committed?

If the answer is yes, than you have come to the right place and our paths were meant to cross…

What do I bring on the table?
– I shed a light on your internal thermostat.
– I enhance your talents and super powers.
– I trigger light bulb moments through thought provoking questions.

My super powers:
💎|6 Personality type girl
🌍|Adaptable & diplomatic
🔥|Passionate & Intuitive ♏️
👩🏽‍🎓|Pedagogue & non-judgmental
☀️|Proclaimed Sunshine & good listener

My motto: “upgrade your identity to match your destiny!” – If others can do it, I can do it so why not you?!

👑 By standing my GROUND, I earned my CROWN! Earn yours now!

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