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Niketa Vakani

  • Empowerment Coach

Niketa Vakani

  • Empowerment Coach

Hi i’m Niketa Vakani, your very own Empowerment Coach. My life motto is Face your Challenges, Dance with Life!

My Ikigai (Life Purpose) is to excel in my service to you and others, by helping you promote the strength, resilience and confidence to grow through your challenges.

I have faced my fair share of set backs, or ‘Life Situations’ as Ekhart Tolle refers to. These include a tough health battle where I experienced paralysis, a challenging divorce where I fought for my children and a home, giving up a career I had climbed high towards and the joyful challenges of single-parenting! I felt at times that I was being broken down, only to have to build myself up again.

I now see these life experiences as valuable gifts; they have molded and enabled me to grab the reins to ride through the adverse times. Without these precious lessons, where would one be emotionally and spiritually?

Remember that we all face hardship at some stage in our lives. While we cannot always choose what happens to us, we can choose how we respond to these situations. Sometimes it is hard to face what is ahead and we need someone to help us process the pain, the hurt, the disappointment, so that we can propel ourselves to create a greater and grander version of ourselves. Hey it’s ok, I needed it too!

My aim is to empower you to succeed in your relationship with yourself, so that your struggles don’t consume you. When we are grounded with a healthy sense of self and value, we can endeavor to maintain harmonious relationships and tackle adverse situations.

My skills of empathy and patience will navigate you towards becoming a more stronger and confident you!

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