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Peter Morath

  • Performance Improvement Coach

Peter Morath

  • Performance Improvement Coach

Peter is a Jay Shetty Coaching Certification School certified life coach and works as a change professional for a large UK emergency service. Peter is the proud father / stepfather to five children, and lives in the East of England.

Peter says, “The world in which we live has more distractions, opportunities and challenges than ever before. The pressure to succeed and do well is always there. We try and deal with these pressures ourselves, but our limited mindset, values and beliefs often shroud a way that may lead us to a better outcome, so we plod down the same paths as we have always done, achieving the same results.

I have experienced frustrations, disappointments, and successes throughout my life, sometimes through luck, other times through hard work and a lot of effort.

What have I learned on the way?

– You are always likely to do better with the support of others
– Failures should be seen as learning opportunities
– The beliefs you have may not always be true
– You will always miss the opportunities you don’t go for
– Anything of value requires time and effort to earn it

I wish I had had a coach during the earlier part of my life, as having a different perspective can really make a difference. You will be surprised how often I said “Well, I didn’t think of it like that…”

What motivated me to become a coach? Helping people see through the “mist” and enabling them to see things differently, where the penny drops and the “Aha!” moment pops into view.

I believe everyone has it in them to succeed and do well. Imagine how much better our world would be if more people were happy and lived more rewarding lives.

That’s what drives me when I coach….

Now what drives you?”