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Prinitan Sandhu Kalsi

  • Life and Purpose Coach

Prinitan Sandhu Kalsi

  • Life and Purpose Coach

My name is Prinitan Sandhu Kalsi.

I am an educator, mentor and a certified Life and success Coach.

My journey into serving special needs children and the community began with a deep exploration of my own purpose and mission that entails from my twists and turns in my Life. The events and experiences in my life have molded me into a “Woman of substance.” that I call myself today. From a very young age curiosity and sensitivity had me questioning the  “Why”? I delved into spiritual books and seeked for wisdom and knowledge to understand the core essence of the art of living a fulfilled and happy Life.

As an empath, I possess a unique ability to connect with others on a profound level,understanding their emotions and aspirations. Being intuitive helps me steer my clients towards paths aligned with their true selves. As a good listener I create a safe space for introspection and growth. 

I believe that Life is not just about receiving and enjoying the abundance and the blessings the universe has instored for us, but giving it back with kindness and compassion in the form of Service to humanity.

I have embarked on a journey to help people  from all walks of life to see their inner light and shine by, “Listening to the unspoken”. Through years of experience and a deep commitment to personal growth, I want to help you find your own strength and purpose on a journey to a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

 As a Jay Shetty Certified Life and success coach I have the tools and strategies along with my profound wisdom and knowledge to give hope for those navigating the complexities of existence.

 Together, I am curious to explore the values, interests, passions and the drive to uncover your true calling and life every spiritual being desires. “WE ARE ALL HERE FOR A REASON”.  I call it aloud.

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