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Priyesh Patel

  • Fulfilment Driven Coach

Priyesh Patel

  • Fulfilment Driven Coach

Location: London

I could keep this really professional, but being honest is key for me, so I’m going to be straight up and real with you.  

I’m the guy who went to follow his purpose and passion by going against everything he was accustomed with to do something that resonated with his true beliefs.  

I am a qualified ICAEW chartered accountant but realised that this journey wasn’t for me. Hence, you see me on this website as a life coach. This is because I am all about helping people work towards living their best lives. 

I had everything going for me, but everything wasn’t just okay. I wanted fulfilment.  I wasn’t getting this in my previous role. When I coach I am truly in my element.  

Some people have told me I’m a loveable clown that enjoys a laugh and bringing a smile of positivity to whatever room I enter. Clients tell me they love my energy and enthusiasm. This is because I wear my heart on my sleeve. Truth is I just want to see people win.  

I want to see people happy.
I want to see people feel joy.
I want to see people feel fulfilled. 

And this is why I do what I do.  

See I’m a believer. If you are in a position right now where you want change, I believe you have the power within you to get those results. And if you don’t have that belief yet, I’ll help you rediscover this gift.  

I work with millennials within the corporate world who want to work towards boosting their confidence through taking down their ‘filters’ and rediscovering their authentic identity. I help them start working towards living the lifestyle they truly want and deserve to be living. 

One now with fulfilment.  

If you feel I’m the right person to help you on your journey, let us have a chat in your complimentary 1 hour discovery session.


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