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Raval Kaur

  • Habit & Mindset Coach

I went from having 0 followers to building a community of more than 400,000 people.

From constant procrastinating to finally finishing projects and hitting my target goals. 

From not being able to lose weight to losing weight without counting calories. 

From waking up at 11 am to waking up at 7:30 am on most days. 

Now married to the love of my life to whom I got engaged within 19 days of meeting one another. 

After becoming a life coach I realized what made me a high achiever.

It Was The Art Of Creating High-Quality Habits. 

And when I did get coached and completed my certification, It started happening FASTER. 

Here are some more habits that I’ve built :

  1. Reading one book a week.
  2. Changing my inner dialogue from negative to positive self-talk. 
  3. Got rid of sugar from my diet and lost weight as a result.
  4. Saying no to people and not caring about what they thought of me. 
  5. Increased my productivity by decreasing the time spent on social media. 
  6. Sleeping on time at 10:30 pm vs 2:00 am before. 
  7. Reducing my alcohol intake from 2 to 3 times a week to once per week. 
  8. Saving and investing money. 
  9. Cleaning and organizing my environment on a daily basis.
  10. Daily planning my next day.

Imagine Creating These Or Any Other Habits You’ve Always Wanted To Create. And Imagine Them Being PERMANENT. No More Constant Start And Stop Of New Habits. 

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