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Rhonda Caesar

  • Pure Life Coach

Rhonda Caesar

  • Pure Life Coach

My interest in coaching began unintentionally.  As my two daughters transitioned into their adult life, and I struggled with letting go, a void was created in me. I started questioning what my real purpose was.  As my parenting role transitioned, another major life change occurred; I exited my 25-year-old corporate career, twenty of which was spent in leadership positions. At this point, I took time for introspection.

I realised what brought me most joy during those years was the contribution I made towards my children’s, team members’, and colleagues’ development through what I now know was, informal coaching and mentoring!

I gracefully discovered my life purpose; to make a positive difference in the lives of people beyond my immediate circle and do it in an organic way, one person at a time.  This led to the beginning of my conscious journey on becoming a life coach. Little did I know that significant personal transformation was going to be a major requirement.

In 2019, I explored several Life Coaching Certification courses and felt overwhelmed, as I was bombarded with excessive marketing calls and was turned off.  At this time, I paused.

One of my daughters gifted me the book “Think like a Monk” in 2020.

In 2021, I was exposed to the Udemy platform and completed a Life Coaching Certificate Course and a Diploma in Modern Applied Psychology from the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology.  I was convinced that becoming a ‘life coach’ was indeed my passion.

Something was missing though, highlighted when my eldest daughter asked me ‘what about certification, and have I considered the Jay Shetty program?’.  My initial thought was “this was totally beyond me!”.  That day I reflected on where I wanted to be as a life coach and in that moment, I was internally guided to take my next step 6 months later and  personal transformation, I became a certified Jay Shetty Coach.

In addition, to my formal life coaching training, business management, and leadership skills, I bring a wealth of experience and knowledge through my personal life successes and failures.

My personal life quest is to continue to grow and live each day consciously with love, in alignment with my authenticity.  My lifestyle includes eating a plant based diet, gardening, meditation, yoga, running and hiking.  Aspects of all these activities contribute toward connecting me to my source of energy and passion for life.

I consider myself a Pure Life Coach, with focus on two major areas: Working through difficult Emotions and Clarifying life Purpose and Direction.

I support my clients with:

  • Stress and anxiety management
  • Personal growth and developmental
  • Career guidance and expansion

The effects pandemic continues to bring new levels of stress and anxiety. You may be in education and wondering what’s next?  Or, already in the adult life-space and feeling unsettled, conflicted, or sad.

Are you seeking assistance towards finding a place of calm or discovering a new path forward? Do you want someone to listen to you without judgement, to ask the right questions, and sometimes to even challenge you? Someone to shine a light, as you discover peace, your authentic self, or your passion and purpose in life?

If you are, I am the coach for you!