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Sára Kassasová

  • Confidence Coach

Sára Kassasová

  • Confidence Coach

Hello everyone. My name is Sára Kassasová. I am from the Czech Republic, and I’ve decided to use my potential to help others and take my journey of becoming a coach. I am more than happy to say that I am a Confidence Coach for women who want to find balance in their healthy lifestyle and master self-confidence and freedom in relationships.

I want to help women, who are attached to toxic relationships, don’t know their worth and boundaries, and maybe even if they know them, they are not able to make a change and leave for themselves. Because it all starts with us. With self-awareness, self-work, self-acceptance and self-confidence.

And how?

I am interested in holistic and humanistic coaching approach. Sometimes a visualization helps. Sometimes, it is really necessary to ask deep and uncomfortable questions. I just don’t want to fill my clients with theory. I want to take action with them. To really work on themselves and become the best version of themselves. Because they deserve it.

My dream is to develop workshops to help those girls and women with their path. I am really looking for it because I know that my younger self would appreciate and need it a lot.

With love, Sára.