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Shafaq Tirmizi

  • Mindset Success Coach & Strategist
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Shafaq Tirmizi

  • Mindset Success Coach & Strategist

Hello, friend!

My name is Shafaq, and I’m a Certified Mindset Success Coach & Strategist based out of Toronto, Canada. Here is a little introduction about me.

Most of my friends know me as the wise one. I have been the go-to friend for as long as I can remember, holding space for anyone who wished to lighten their emotional baggage.

I was able to do that with ease because my strength lies in seeing people for who they really are underneath their labels.

People who open up to me usually have trouble opening up to anyone else. I create the space for them to be whoever they want to be, even if that doesn’t align with their perceived identity.

Instead of proving my worth according to the definition of society, I chose to hone my zone of genius. I got myself certified through Jay Shetty’s Certification School, and actively coaching clients on a regular basis. I’m also a nerd, so I’m constantly learning new things about my craft through books, mentoring, practice and other courses.

Which brings me to introducing myself as a coach. Although I have “coached” friends my entire life, I now work with clients with high ambitions but are usually overworking themselves to “earn” their achievements.

People who are ready to be challenged but need self-compassion.

People who get excited about the next big thing but can’t celebrate their wins.

People who want to play with their thinking but need validation.

I hold up the mirror for you. We work to harmonize your ambitions with the most important relationship you have – with yourself. In the midst of wanting to achieve so much, you lose yourself. I find you with you.

I coach the person behind the persona!

Most get scared and walk away, some get intrigued and excited to explore. I work with the latter.

If you are committed to being successful, in ways that you don’t even know yet, or if you have already been successful but secretly fear not being enough or having enough, then we should have a conversation.