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Shannon Baynes

  • Purpose and Mindset Coach

Shannon Baynes

  • Purpose and Mindset Coach

Why did I become a coach?….To give back to society.  My cup is full and I have so much to give.  I love to help people reconnect with their soul, work through challenges, and make positive change.

My Story:

  • I attended Vanderbilt University and graduated with a BS in Human and Organizational Development.
  • Upon graduating, I moved back to Atlanta and pursued my passion of helping others by working at various non-profit organizations varying from the 1996 Olympic Games to CARE (a large international relief organization) to Chastain Horse Park (a hands-on therapeutic horseback riding program).  
  • I met and married the love of my life and started a family – three boys in five years!  Plus multiple furry children.
  • While the boys were still very young, we followed our outdoor passions and small town values and moved to Park City, Utah.
  • The next 18 years were a beautiful blur of sports, camping, school, friends, mountains, fostering animals and wonderful worldly adventures (including 6 months in Australia!).
  • The boys are now amazing young men and my husband and I are “empty-nesters.”​
  • My next phase in life is all about bringing more happiness to the world through coaching.


My Approach:

My coaching approach is based on my core values of kindness, compassion, curiosity, honesty, patience and simplicity.  I create a safe, non-judgemental, accepting space that allows my client to settle in and begin processing.  I genuinely love talking with people, hearing their unique stories and seeing their untapped potential.  I believe in matching my clients energy and moving at their pace.  I guide my client through Jay Shetty’s ABC framework to gain clarity, set SMART goals, build habits, challenge comfort zones, self-reflect and create change.  Some of the areas we explore are:

  • childhood influences
  • passions and interests
  • talents and skills
  • personality
  • life experiences
  • limiting beliefs and obstacles
  • clarifying purpose

Through this process my client reconnects with his/her authentic self, digs deep to make sure he/she is on the right path and creates positive change all along the way.