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Shannon Grimsley

  • Mindset + Transformation Coach

Shannon Grimsley

  • Mindset + Transformation Coach

I’m shannon.

I’m a dreamer, deep thinker,  adventurer, and empath.

My coaching approach is based on connection, honesty and acceptance, which I believe are the most important threads throughout our time together. Building a trusting relationship by creating a safe and powerful space for you to show up as YOU. Rooted in the idea that we are all whole, complete, and resourceful, with a significant capacity to overcome.

I want to show you what you don’t see. My mission is to foster a safe space for you to gain awareness in order to see yourself clearly; understand and shift your relationship with yourself and the world around you; become what you’ve always known you were meant for.

All the while, expand and shift your perspective from negative to positive, discover your purpose, embrace your authenticity, and feel free to live the life you choose.

In a nutshell, I am here to guide you towards loving yourself, in order to create a world for yourself in which you thrive!