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Shashank Sangle

  • Empowerment Coach

Shashank Sangle

  • Empowerment Coach

I specialize in providing personalized, one-to-one coaching to empower working professionals achieve lasting balance in their personal well-being and professional commitments.

I guide my clients towards a meaningful transformation with decisive actions and sustainable steps to:
Attain clarity to their goals and challenges
Rekindle motivation
Conquer burnout and self-doubt
Break free from stagnation and negativity
Find purpose and meaning
Explore spiritual upliftment

Enduring turbulence
Nowadays our professional and personal lives are tightly intertwined. Whether you’re a business owner or an employee, you know the hard work it takes to succeed in both areas. You face challenges head-on and achieve success, at times it can be quite significant. But sometimes life can throw unexpected obstacles, like changes at work, negative feedback, rejection, or overwork, leaving you overwhelmed and stressed.

Even focusing on your strengths doesn’t bring the joy it used to. Motivational content helps momentarily, but it falls short in your daily reality. It’s been a while since you felt genuinely happy, and your social circle starts to shrink. Procrastination sets in, and you question your interests. Stagnation becomes a daily companion.

If this sounds familiar, you’ve likely experienced self-doubt, eroding self-esteem, and declining confidence. It leads to anxiety, emptiness, and fading motivation, affecting your overall happiness and spilling into different aspects of your life, making the battle even more daunting.

Reclaim inner strength and empowerment
The crucial first step is seeking assistance from someone who is unbiased and non-judgmental. Having personally navigated this phase a few years ago, I intimately understand the predicament. My personal experience fuels my determination to assist those grappling with these challenges.

Through personalized coaching, I use methods based on positive psychology and a Design Thinking approach to problem-solving, along with simple tools and self-help exercises. My goal is to help you gain crystal-clear clarity, enhance your accountability, and unlock your untapped potential with confidence. I will support you in cultivating the habits necessary to breathe life into your plans with sustainable steps, empowering you to navigate your situation with unwavering determination.

Let’s embark on this transformative journey filled with purpose and action to manifest the experience and fulfillment that you deserve.

I am a certified Life Coach from Jay Shetty Certification School. With over two decades of professional experience, I’ve delved into the realm of Experience Design, immersing myself in the intricacies of Design Thinking, human behavior, and emotional intelligence. My personal journey has also guided me toward the embrace of spiritual mindfulness, a path I’ve followed since my early days.

I strive to contribute my bit in serving humanity by weaving together the wisdom and best practices from Coaching, Design, and Spirituality, combined with Positive Psychology. My mission is to empower individuals to design their life journeys in an earnest and profound manner.