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Simran Rathi

  • Relationships & Emotions Coach

Simran Rathi

  • Relationships & Emotions Coach

For a brief introduction, I am Simmran Rathi. 

I am an empowering and empathetic ‘Jay Shetty Certified Relationship and Emotions coach‘. I am an old soul, whose core is Love, Light and Laughter.

Human connection is one of the most basic need. The nature of our relationships affects our quality of life.

As a relationship and emotions coach, I help individuals:

  • feel more fulfilled, peaceful and happy
  •  respond than react
  • build self- validation and self- acceptance
  •  resolve and release emotions
  •  grow and build healthier relationships

Are you looking to:

  •  Build stronger, genuine connections with friends, family, partner
  • Communicate in an open, healthy and clear manner
  • Set healthy boundaries
  • Release emotional baggage, heal from broken friendships/relationships
  •  Deepen attachment and intimacy
  • Manage and reduce conflict
  • Respond than react
  • Have a balanced family life
  • Be a conscious and mindful parent
  • Manage personal growth with other areas of life

My Coaching Approach

My approach is to begin with improving the relationship with ourselves and then others.

My own 3A’s :

  • Awareness: understanding the current and desired state, underlying needs, obstacles
  • Affirmation: building the mindset and heart-space
  • Actualisation: take actions and sustain the transformation

I intend to create a compassionate, open minded, heartful, empathetic and resourceful space in coaching. I empower clients through their uniqueness. We understand your inner world: how your heart, mind and actions work for you. I focus on the client so that they are able to focus on their life.