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Sonal Bhaskaran

  • Self Worth & Purpose Coach

Sonal Bhaskaran

  • Self Worth & Purpose Coach

“I feel so overwhelmed, I just want to scream”
“I don’t know where I’m going or how to even get started”
“I don’t want people to judge me”
“I don’t want to make the wrong decision and fail”

How often do you say these to yourself?

Because all those statements up there? They were my bible for decades.

Hey! I’m Sonal and I’m a Business Process Consultant and a Self-Worth & Purpose Coach for the creatives, outliers and misfits. I’ve been bringing order to people’s chaos since 1999.

But from the age 8 through to adulthood, I was living in chaos myself.

A combination of being a creative misfit and living a turbulent childhood, I grew up always trying to fit in. While I spent years helping people and businesses out of their chaos, I was knee deep in my own.

I was a solopreneur with multiple businesses overcoming Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, following a violent and traumatic childhood.

I equated success with putting everyone else first. I was a devout people-pleaser with a martyr mentality

But I felt overwhelmed, lost, and alone. One day, it all just caught up and I spiraled into a huge breakdown.

I’d made over £2.5m for clients, got them back 100+ hours p/m by streamlining their processes and helped people gain clarity and direction in their lives.

But while simplifying their lives, I’d complicated my own.

Instead of giving up, I took ownership.
✔ I asked for help – and kept asking
✔ I found the right problems to fix
✔ I gained confidence to say NO to what and who didn’t serve me

It allowed me to
– Create a life that was right for me
– Make a living from what I loved w/o the fear of being judged holding me back
– Create a scalable business on my terms and still make money
– Help others do the same

This is what I learned:
– The state of your internal world = the state of your external world. If your mind is a mess, your work, business and life will be too.
– Gift yourself the right to ask for help. I had coaches and therapists to pull me out of my void.
– Let go of what and who doesn’t serve you. Set boundaries to build incredible relationships.
– Put yourself first to show up fully for what and who matters to you.

My clients come to me to help them transform their lives. They identify themselves as creative, ambitious and just want to enjoy life more, on their terms. They come from all different walks of life – from solopreneurs, agency owners, employed full time or part time to those in the early stages of a career but not happy where they are or have just graduated.

They all have their own challenges when they start to work with me. They might be feeling stuck where they are, unhappy with their career or business, feeling lost in life in general or are in the trauma recovery phase.

If you’re fed up enough of being second best and are ready to do SOMETHING – I may be able to help.