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Sue Schwartz

  • Life Creation Coach

Sue Schwartz

  • Life Creation Coach

Soul Selah, or “heart pause”, a way to create the life we desire… be still (pause) and listen to our hearts (soul)!!

Dreams? Frustration? Fear? Need direction? Accountability? Results?

Sue Schwartz, a Life Creation Coach, walks beside you on your journey to create the life you dream of!

Sue brings a wealth of knowledge, lived experience and passion to Soul Selah!

Sue’s credentials:

– Jay Shetty Certified Life Coach
– Reiki Master
– Certified Self-defense Instructor
– Organizational Leader
– A responsibility to share my gifts with others
– Awareness, authenticity and action!
– Real, raw and ready to support your journey!

Sue’s lived experience:

– Frustration from living less than
– Inability to have the awareness of my “stuck”
– Few people with the skill set to support my life creation
– Then the rise…
– Living joyfully even in times of adversity
– Passion and excited for the gifts I’ve been given!!

How can I support you?

– Guide you to self-awareness to:
Identify your dreams
Identify your obstacles
Identify your core values

– Team work! Together, create:
An actionable plan to achieve your goals!
Weekly next steps
Accountability to ensure success
Feedback of what’s working or may require a shift in the plan

– Tangible actions
Daily rituals
Activities to inspire your growth
Ongoing support