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Sugasini Leela Sivarathnam

  • Relationship Coach

Sugasini Leela Sivarathnam

  • Relationship Coach

I am Suga, and by now, you already know that I am a Jay Shetty-certified life and success coach. I am Asian girl who is enthusiastic about getting to know and coaching people from all over the world.

Let me point out why I believe I can be the coach you seek.

Ever watched a tree in action? Even if a tree has many features, its roots and trunk are nonetheless of utmost significance. The trunk signifies one’s relationship with oneself, while the roots stand for one’s core tenets. Thus, it is imperative to have the best relationship possible with one’s self so that their ideals are mirrored in all other relationships in their life.

I have always been fascinated by the concept of love and with time, I have realised that the best relationships in life happen when you have a deeper relationship with yourself.

As YOUR life and RELATIONSHIP COACH, I want to empower you to understand your core values, strengths and weaknesses so that other relationships in your life can flourish.

By knowing yourself better, you will know exactly where and how to utilise your gifts.

If all these resonate with you, just drop me an email to chat on a FREE 1:1 discovery call so we both together can see where we are heading next in this coaching journey.

In short, if you think your cup of coffee [read : relationship & life, in general] could taste better then, I’ll be the whipping cream to your coffee!