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Tina Mistry

  • Transformational Mindset & Post-Trauma Growth Coach
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Tina Mistry

  • Transformational Mindset & Post-Trauma Growth Coach


I’m Tina, a UK based Reiki practitioner and Transformational Mindset & Post-Trauma Growth Coach.

You may be asking yourself what does a Transformational Mindset and Post-Trauma Growth Coach do?

Well, it’s a great question. As a Coach I will guide you to identify your limiting beliefs and negative self-talk to find the best version of yourself and achieve your authentic happiness. I refer to Post-Trauma Growth Coach as a coach with skills to help clients who have done the deep trauma work previously and are now ready to grow further with me into an improved place. Through my challenging yet compassionate coaching, as my client you will grow your awareness, bringing clarity on what you truly want. Together, we will work to find the root of your beliefs, any negative habits, thoughts or obstacles whilst learning to discard any unhelpful attributes.

Through my own journey I learnt how easy it was for me to see my past experiences from only a negative perspective, which trapped by my own limiting beliefs created blocks for moving forward. My mother suffers severe OCD along with other mental health conditions. Along with these challenges I faced being groomed, an emotionally abusive relationship and sexual abuse. Through adulthood, I experienced depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and confidence. But with integrity, compassion and guidance I was able find my true self.

Are you struggling with low self-esteem and confidence? Feeling not good enough or stuck in life? Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone? If the answer is yes and you feel I am the right coach for you then get in touch.

We all experience some form or trauma, sufferings, difficulties or inequalities. But I believe we all have the answers within us to heal, transform and let our inner beauty emerge.