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Tommaso Novi

  • Empowerment & Confidence Coach

Tommaso Novi

  • Empowerment & Confidence Coach


Having an artistic and sport performer background, I personally experienced to feel completely lost when having a dream was not enough. So many ideas in my mind, so many projects and things left behind, that I gave up on in the past because I did not find any support to guide me and keep believing in what I was dreaming of.

I want to be exactly that guide that I did not find for myself back in the days.


I also want to empower people in this age range who are struggling with having the balance between their personal and professional life, especially when they have to face a big transition time and they struggle to be present.


Creators, performers and people between 23 and 35.

My coaching definition

“Life Coaching removes the interference that stands between clients and the achievement of their potential. I am here to ask questions to allow you to become the expert of your life.”


‘I don’t have to and I don’t need to advise the client – I am curious about their stories and their experiences’, this sentence explains clearly my coaching approach.

Positive mindset
Active listening

At the end is all about being myself.

My long-term coaching vision

I want to serve artists,
because when creativity is aligned with self-confidence, self-esteem and authenticity, we can live a more fulfilled life. And the world during our era needs more creators for sure.

I want to serve performers.

According with many surveys and interviews, feelings of fear and anxiety are a big wall to overpass for athletes and performers in general when they have to perform in big events and under pressure. I believe that most of the times it can be more of a mental and inside obstacle than a lack of physical/artistic skills.

A coach can be the perfect tool for this kind of people.

I want to serve people that are in a significant transition phase of their life,

such as changing a job, facing issues in their relationships and struggling to find a balance between professional and personal life. By asking big questions, I want to empower them to feel more confident and authentic.

My contribution to the coaching industry

Enhanced Focus On Positive Psychology.

I want to bring my positive energy and mindset to the industry by following this trend that will contribute a lot the life coaching industry growth.

The emphasis on positive psychology will help clients to overcome their mental roadblocks. Negative and self- defeating dialogues will be evaluated by the coach and replaced by positive dialogues. The goal will be to create a difference in the client’s thinking pattern and life as a whole.

Necessity more than a luxury.

People in all spheres will recognise that they are facing hard challenges which they are unprepared to solve on their own and they will look for help and the demand for coaches will increase.

It is going to become a need for everyone in all domains, so I want to be ready to assist them.

Working With A Coach Will Become A Norm.

Whether it is business coaching, life coaching or any other, all teach people to reduce stress and gain a unique perspective to solving complex problems.