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Tom Novi

  • Empowerment & Confidence Coach

Tom Novi

  • Empowerment & Confidence Coach

“Hi, I am Tom, your Empowerment and Confidence Coach.
I help athletes and artists to preserve an acceptable work-life balance, so they can keep performing at their very best.

By being your accountability partner, I will support you in gaining clarity, boosting your self-confidence, finding solutions, and creating possibilities to keep the momentum.

You are whole, complete, and resourceful, and you have everything to create the life you want to live.”

It only takes one spark to light a fire inside you. What’s your spark?



Creators, performers and people between 23 and 40.



I believe that big goals are those that involve real and meaningful transformation. It is the blueprint that determines smaller action steps.

And that’s where the power of habits comes to help us.
By building micro habits and by approaching life with curiosity and kindness, you will find yourself able to unlock your full potential which will make you feel alive and authentic.

I will ensure you get the most out of your career without losing track of yourself.



I serve artists.
When creativity aligns with self-confidence, self-esteem and authenticity, an artist can live a more fulfilled life.

I serve athletes.
According to many surveys and interviews, feelings of fear and anxiety are a big wall to overpass for athletes and sportspeople in general when they have to perform in big events and under pressure. I believe that most of the time it can be more of a mental and inside obstacle than a lack of physical skills.

Whether you are an artist or an athlete, I will be by your side to remind you that storms pass, but you remain.

My mission is to help people to find their holistic trio (body, mind and soul) and achieve balanced, fulfilling and joyful lives.

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Instagram: @coach.tomnovi

In case you need any other details, feel free to reach me via email or Workplace chat.

Thank you very much for supporting.

Wish you a lovely day!

Take care,