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Varma Brent Samodee

  • Transformational Life Coach

Varma Brent Samodee

  • Transformational Life Coach

Welcome Beautiful Soul

My name is Varma and my mission is to help others become the best version of themselves!

We are all spiritual beings having a temporary human experience alongst this journey of life.Each of us have unique talents, abilities and potential.You are very precious and valuable in the eyes of God and you are loved completely and wholly.

 I have practiced meditation and self reflection for many years and over the past few years have been under the guidance of some self realized Gurus.

​I am a Trinidadian and do enjoy my occasional party or “lime”.However real happiness can never be found in the pursuit of these material pleasures,they are temporary and fleeting by nature.

After experiencing these worldly opportunities, I began looking within to find this happiness..

 There is a treasure of love and peace hidden within all of us.We sometimes get glimpses and experiences of this divine love through relationships , success, achievements, family, friends..

The love of God exist all around us and everything is happening exactly as it it should for the development and evolution of our individual consciousness.

 Difficult events in life are only opportunities for growth ,to learn ,to overcome, to forgive, to strengthen and to deepen the connection we have with ourselves.

​You deserve to live a life of abundance, peace and fulfillment!

We all have the power to influence our reality and environments through the power of conscious effort..The blockages in the way, exist in a different level of mind called the subconscious mind.Most of our unconscious thoughts beliefs and patterns exist here.

 With knowledge and conscious effort we can reprogram this level of mind to create empowering thoughts and belief systems which in turn will attract a better life for us.One filled with more peace, joy and success.

 When we begin to peel of the layers of negative conditioning we begin to become our best versions,full of confidence and value.We begin to become Beacons of Light in the energetic realms.The presence of light creates a tangible change in the reality around us.

 A simple genuine smile or compliment can create change in the world around us.

 As I have become more mature on my journey, my mission is to empower others to shine to their brightest and highest potential!

 I humbly say that I am still a student of the university of life and in the process of learning and growing..

 If you would like an opportunity to embark on the journey of self discovery be sure to reach out!

 Love and Blessings beautiful soul..

 Yours truly,