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From Teaching Yoga To Gaining a Life Coaching Certification

Today, we’re talking to our graduate Shirlee Williams about her wonderful journey to gain her life coaching certification with us. Grab a hot (or cold) drink and get inspired with us!

How did you discover the Jay Shetty Certification School?

Once you put something out into the universe, the universe starts working for you. Some might call this the Google algorithm; I call it Universal Alignment. It was Jay’s On Purpose podcast that I really connected with. The podcast led me to read Think Like a Monk, which then had me watching Jay’s Youtube videos, which then led me to follow the school’s social media account. The seed had been planted.

What made you decide to pursue a life coaching certification?

I have been teaching yoga and meditation for over 20 years and would describe myself as a seeker. As I continue to walk on this incredible path we call life, I knew there was more out there for me to discover and learn. I knew there were other modalities for me to learn in order to bring them to my clients. I loved the idea of combining life coaching and yoga. Life coaching is the analytical work we do off of our mats and yoga and meditation is about embodying [that] work. My students have always asked me the “hard” questions. I was so curious about other ways I could support their growth and development. A life coaching certification was important to me and [was the next step in] the natural evolution in my growth. In order to impact my community, I first needed to embody the work. This was the best way for me to support the humans I coach. The pandemic allowed me the perfect amount of time and energetic space to become a student again.


What were your main criteria for deciding what coach training school to choose?

I was looking for a program that was grounded in science and had a spiritual component. I wanted a program that covered a variety of methodologies since I wasn’t sure what area I would want to work in. Our school covered it all. I loved that there were supervision sessions and mentoring calls which would give me time to ask questions. The live webinars gave me the community I needed to grow. This community provided me with support and encouragement throughout the program.

When making big decisions, I trust in myself and follow my gut. I sat with a few options for a few days and then decided to take the leap. Right from the beginning I felt seen, heard, and supported. I have developed friendships for life through this program.


For anyone starting out, what are your top 3 tips for becoming a life coach?

My top 3 tips for becoming a life coach are:

  • Make sure you have carved out time and space to dedicate yourself to the program and the work. You don’t want to rush through this. 
  • Decide to show up fully. Be part of the school. I know first-hand that it can be scary to show up and be seen. I told myself that this group knew nothing about me, I could show up anyway I like. So I went full in. Reminding myself to ask questions, to ask for help, and speak up when I had something to say [was important]. 
  • Buy yourself some new school supplies. Everyone loves a new journal, a few pens, and a bright highlighter.


What advice would you give someone who is wondering if a life coaching certification is right for them?

We all have incredible skills to help others. Each and every one of us has our own unique gift and energy that others will align to. If you are someone who loves the personal growth space and others often come to you for troubleshooting, then you have a gift. If you are looking to become a coach, it’s important to do the work yourself. I believe the best coaches have coaches themselves. There is always work to be done. So before you begin… remind yourself you are worthy to be a life coach. Life coaches require the ability to listen and stay curious with their clients.


Article written by:

Shirlee Williams


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