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From working a job to gaining a Life Coach Certification | And how you can do it too

Read this inspiring story of our graduate, Christopher Mitra, and find out how he gained his life coach certification after struggling with depression.


Living with deep depression truly sucks. It robs you of your enjoyment, confidence, and connections, and makes it difficult to see a future. That’s where I had been for years since my one-time successful tech company had started its descent into oblivion. Becoming a certified coach was the path that led me out of depression to a new mindset of abundance and a strong belief in myself. I had spent decades working a job. Now, after gaining my life coach certification, I’m lucky enough to be living my purpose.

Are you considering a future as a life coach? I would love to provide some advice that I think will help you pick the right path.

Do your research

To start, please do your research to find a coach training school that fits your needs. Of course, the curriculum is essential, but equally important is how that learning is delivered and whether your school provides a team or sense of family. Learning to be a talented coach is more than reading lessons and memorizing acronyms.

I’m genuinely proud to be a Jay Shetty Certified Coach. The knowledge and expertise the Jay Shetty Certification School gave me were top-notch, relevant, and thorough. More importantly, I feel like I’m part of an extraordinary family. I have built a bond with other Jay Shetty coaches from all over the world, despite never meeting them in person. I think this speaks to the strong desire that all Jay Shetty coaches have to make a genuinely positive impact on our planet.

Your journey is not over after graduation

Once you graduate with your life coach certification, know that your journey is not over. You are now on an even more fantastic journey; going to make an impact on the lives of others, but also your own life. You will move from a coach to a coach-entrepreneur who will build a successful business and career out of helping your clients. If that scares you a bit, that’s good! Remember you need to grow in the same way you guide your clients to succeed. Every obstacle you overcome makes you a better coach.

Go easy on yourself

Go easy on yourself, and don’t expect instant success after you gain your life coach certification. As coaches, we know it’s important to celebrate our clients’ small wins, knowing that enough small victories turn into tremendous accomplishments. The same applies to you.

Find your niche

It’s also essential to consider where you’ll make the most significant impact with your life coach certification. Of course, when you start, you have a desire to help everyone, and that’s amazing, but you’ll get your best traction when you narrow down where you can provide your most potent and focused skills. For example, perhaps you have a talent with parents, relationships, or working with executives and CEOs.

I found that I had a particular skill in partnering with people who needed help with confidence and achieving goals they didn’t feel they could accomplish. I had to work through the same issues in my past, which helped me empathize with my clients.

Where do you see the most power in your coaching potential?

Gaining my life coach certification has been life-changing. It has transformed how I view the world and how I view myself. We often mistakenly believe that success is found in a big house, fat bank account, or expensive car. We forget those are just things, and there is no shortage of people on this planet with all the material possessions they want who are still unhappy, lack confidence, and are often on the verge of suicide. As a life coach, you guide your clients to find the wealth and prosperity they seek inside them.

As a coach, the most gratifying part is when I see a client achieve that “A-HA” moment. That’s that point in a session when they realize why they have been doing something that’s been holding them back. In that instant, the client knows they can reach the goal they have struggled to achieve. The feeling you experience by being part of that is priceless and stays with you forever. It makes you hungry for more of it.

Gaining your life coach certification is not just about learning the skills needed to help others; it’s also using those same skills to learn about yourself and create the best version of YOU.

There is an old proverb that I often use with my clients: “Fortune favors the bold.”

If the idea of gaining your life coach certification makes you excited and puts a smile on your face, if you think it’s your calling and you genuinely want to give back and be of service, then I say, “DO IT.” Bring your light and passion to those that need it. I promise, with 100% certainty, that giving is the quickest way to fill your life with love and prosperity.

Article written by:

Christopher Mitra


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