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How to Become a Life Coach and Help One Parent Everyday

Another one of our graduates, Mital Patel, shares her experience on how to become a life coach and help one parent everyday. Let’s read her story!


What made you decide to get a life coaching certification?

I should’ve seen this coming… Ever since I was young, I’ve been that enthusiastic, energetic problem solver, and always curious. I was looking for ways to help others dig deep for the root cause. It was to the level that I wanted to be a teacher and teach others to solve their own problems. So it comes as no surprise that when I made the decision to serve humanity and make an impact. I chose to become a coach, a guide, which is a bit unconventional in my family!

I’ve paved my own path, and this wouldn’t have been possible without Jay and his mission! The Jay Shetty Certification School has given me that opportunity to serve in a bigger and better way.

Now, my mission is to Help One Parent Everyday (Hope). When someone asks, “Mital, why Parent Coach?” I say, “Because I believe in building a stronger childhood than repairing a broken adulthood.” I want to help parents overcome daily challenges like sibling rivalry, tantrums, conflicts, etc. so that they can feel in-charge of their parenthood without feeling guilty.

I’ll admit that my real guilty pleasure is helping parents choose connection over correction with their children. Seriously, how could you NOT get motivated by quality results that last? It definitely fuels all of my hard work.

What are the different types of coaching businesses, and what made you decide on your chosen area?

There are different types of coaching businesses, like Career Coaching, Executive Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Business Coaching, etc. I chose to go with Relationship Coaching and decided to work with parents. Think about it for a second. In other professions, we all get certifications and training. For example, teachers get training, we coaches get certifications, and doctors get residency. But what about parents?

We get told, “Parenting is natural. You’ll know what to do when you become a mother or father.” I mean, I agree with the intuition part, but what about the guidance and support?

As a new parent, I felt lost without guidance in my early parenthood, not to mention the outdated traditional strategies I fell for like grounding, punishments, counting to three to get stuff done, etc. I fell for correction over connection and learned about how I was depriving my kids of connection when they really needed it the most during difficult times.

Now, I believe in building a stronger foundation than repairing a broken building, and that’s why I focus on parent–child relationship. Parenting is simple but not easy. It is the most challenging leadership role we can imagine.

What do you recommend people look out for when choosing a coach training school?

I highly recommend choosing a coach training school based on values and intentions. A school that follows ethics and prioritizes human impact. I truly feel blessed to be an alumni of the Jay Shetty Certification School.

Jay Shetty Certification School is all about touching billions of lives and about values, ethics, intentions, actions, and much more. I also believe in choosing schools that are invested in your growth, not just their business or revenue growth. Schools that are willing to guide you toward opportunities, support your growth, and offer you an alumni community after graduation are great schools to choose from. And Jay Shetty Certification School is all that.

How have you found the Jay Shetty Coaching School Community?

Of course, it’s hands down the best community to learn with. From starting to finishing the curriculum and practice client sessions, I always felt really supported and empowered to believe in myself and my skills. Even today, after a year and a half of graduating, I am still speechless about the unexpected alumni support we get after graduation. It is unbelievable how much guidance we get from Jay, business mentors, fellow coaches, and peers.

It’s to the point where Jay Shetty Certification School actually created an entire program called COACH MBA just for us alumni and students so that we don’t feel disappointed or unprepared when we get into the real coaching life. We were guided from creating a business plan to building our website from start to finish, as well as in choosing our business model to the fonts or feelings we wanted to give from our social profiles. In short, the support is overflowing!

What advice would you give yourself if you were starting over to become a life coach?

One of the biggest pieces of advice I would give myself is to stay curious and park the fears and self-doubts outside the school. Trust the process.

In my honest opinion, becoming a life coach and investing in my skills has been the best decision ever. We are always one decision away from living a meaningful life, and joining Jay Shetty Certification School was that ONE decision for me.

Article written by:

Mital Patel


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