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Joining an Online Coach Training School after working as a Financial Analyst

Discover this inspiring story of our graduate Shafaq – she joined our online coach training school after she decided that her energy was no longer matching her work.



Comments of concern and fear kept pouring in when I decided to resign from my full-time job as a Financial Analyst, not even two years after undergrad. I also had no idea what I would do next. Has it been the smartest decision? For me, there was no better way.

To give you context, my depression and anxiety reintroduced themselves to me in my last year of university. It was manageable because I had social connections around me all the time. However, when everyone got busy with their careers post-graduation, it became increasingly difficult to be present in my own company. The work itself was interesting and intellectually stimulating, but my body was not cooperating. Every day became a heavier drag than the last to be able to get out of bed and live with my existence.

In the middle of these anxiety attacks, I discovered Jay Shetty giving an interview about consciousness. Something pulled me to start following his online content and listening to all his talks. Everything he said resonated, but not like new information. It was more like a reminder. It was like my core knew all of this before because I used to be “Jay Shetty ” for my friends. I just needed to hear it again for myself, instead of just imparting it to others.

The obsession with this wisdom led me to Jay’s Genius community. Knowing there are more like me was comforting. From that point on, while I was working in a corporate environment, I spent half my income on developing a relationship with myself (still in progress).

I religiously followed Genius workshops, hired a spiritual life coach, and consistently practiced meditation. I also read books, went for energy healing sessions, and immersed myself in this new world of human consciousness and inner work.

In understanding what alignment looks like, I also assessed my career. It was nowhere near what my energy was. But I didn’t know what it was at the time. I just knew I didn’t like what I was doing. So, to solve this mystery, my coach asked me what I think I am good at. Not knowing much about myself, I said, “I am good at being a friend. But I don’t know how to get paid for it.”

I continued describing what I mean by being a friend. It turns out, I was describing the role of a life coach without knowing it. That is how I found a new possibility. I still had no idea about how to practically figure out a career transition with the mental state I was in, and I had no intention of going through a certification because none of the online coach training schools jumped out. However, as soon as I got clarity on what could be possible, I decided to leave my job and the country I lived in to spend some time with myself and go deeper into my inner work.

While I was traveling and finding ways to share the wisdom that Genius had taught me, Jay Shetty announced his new online coach training school. Knowing his impact on me, I had already decided that part of my life’s work is to share it with others. The Jay Shetty Certification School was my permission to do it in a structured way. I wouldn’t have trusted any other online coach training school for this.

I believe the universe guided me to a path that was meant for me, and I also know there are more teachers and guides around us who are looking for the same guidance. Here are some tips for those of my fellow seekers for finding a good online coach training school.

Do the inner work yourself

You don’t need to be an expert in your clients’ challenges, but you can only go so far with them if you haven’t known the depths of human consciousness yourself. You can only be as deep with your clients as you’ve gone with yourself. Embody the practice. Have your teachers and guides. Keep growth at the forefront of your purpose.

Know your why

Some people (read: everyone) benefit from being coached, but that is not necessarily their calling. If you want to be a coach, understand why you’re being pulled toward the profession. What values are being satisfied. How much flow is there in your life with and without it? Consider sitting with a life coach to dig deeper into the roots of your decision about joining an online coach training school.

Embody the growth

This is something I am still learning to do. As coaches, we are heavily reliant on our cognitive abilities to create change. While our mind is a powerful resource, our body has much more say in our behavior patterns. Knowing something and being someone are two very different journeys. The embodiment takes time (and patience). Awareness is half the battle, but the embodiment is the other half. Conceptualizing and analyzing a pattern’s root cause isn’t enough to move to another growth area. Make the change to your new default first.

Now, that’s all good for inner work. When we embark on being a life coach, there is another layer of complexity – the business side of things. The inner work on this piece alone is a journey that uncovers more blind spots and healing opportunities. We have to deal with learning a new mindset, get comfortable with money conversations, allow ourselves to receive support – I can go on forever! Choose an online coach training school that helps you with this.

Where there is so much complexity, going slow and having patience is key! Remember that the reason we chose this field is to be more in alignment with ourselves. Being a business owner in an aligned way is also part of our journey. That requires trial and error, and willingness to have support. Otherwise, the business side creates a whole new phase of dysfunction.

If I were to start this journey over, I would be more practical about it. I am a firm believer in the perspective that we couldn’t do any better than we did when we did it. So, I wouldn’t change a thing in my journey to enroll in an online coach training school. My mistakes make me wiser. But if I was this version of myself and wanted to become a coach, I would first invest in educating myself on the connection between entrepreneurship and trauma and have the financial cushion that supports my alignment.

If this article has caused more confusion and concern, I am happy! The space between fear and excitement is where expansion happens. With confusion comes clarity. I live with it every day, and I celebrate everyone who is entering that space. Welcome to the journey of meeting yourself!

Article written by:

Shafaq Tirmizi


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