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Personal Growth & Life Success

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Your favourite entrepreneur probably has a personal growth coach.

They have someone behind the scenes helping them set goals and overcome obstacles, actioning frameworks to develop them into the best version of themselves. Everyone needs a good cheerleader, especially someone with the knowhow to guide them towards success.

But these personal growth secrets are not just reserved for those in positions of significant power or responsibility. In fact, personal development and striving for progress is work which every one of us should be engaged in. Not only does it motivate us to become better individuals and lead to accomplishments and satisfaction in our everyday lives, it also makes us assets to our wider community.

Becoming happy, secure and fulfilled is not a constant state but rather a lifelong journey that can be hard work. A personal growth coach helps their clients to lead joyful, productive lives and finds purpose in guiding and serving others.

Does that sound like the career you’ve been searching for? Read on as we break down why personal growth coaching is such a rewarding career and how you can begin your journey with the Jay Shetty Certification School to become a life coach today.

What is a personal growth coach?

A personal growth coach is a professional life coach who builds frameworks, supporting and encouraging their clients to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals, no matter how big or small.

Using proven coaching techniques and frameworks based on behavioural and psychological sciences, a personal growth coach provides an alternative perspective to their clients and guides them on the path to success.

Why is personal growth important?

In today’s world, many people are struggling. We live in a time where possibilities are both open and endless yet also seem inaccessible. We see people living their ‘dream lives’ on social media and we are bombarded with images of unrealistic perfection. We know it’s not real, but it can be difficult to stop ourselves from making unfair comparisons as we grapple with the day to day.

Beyond the superficial, our world is changing fast. Becoming our best professional and personal selves requires new skills of flexibility, adaptability and agility: key factors in personal growth.

In seeking success, we must adapt, break bad habits and grow into the new space we have. This is personal growth.

Cultivating personal growth skills is the work to become a better person, whether professionally or personally. It is our responsibility to do this work and create the life we want to lead by acknowledging and overcoming the challenges and hang-ups that hold us back.

By recognising our short-term and long-term goals and identifying the obstacles we must overcome, we can work to release our inner potential, bringing our unique and specific gifts to the world and lifting up those around us.

For many of us, these behaviours do not come naturally. Instead, we have to train ourselves to embed reflection, personal growth and learning into our day to day lives. We have to consciously focus on our development and establishing healthier habits in order to become our new selves.

This is where a personal growth coach comes in. They are experts in personal development and guide their clients every step of the way as they embark on their individual journeys. They give their clients the ability to craft the lives they want to live and help them to take control of their futures.

Where can I work as a personal growth coach?

The good news is that personal growth coaches can work in any industry and are in demand all over the world.

From doctors and entrepreneurs to teachers and stay-at-home parents, personal development is crucial for everyone. Even fellow coaches need room to reflect and progress.

When you become a life coach specialising in personal development, you may choose to work in a specific industry, such as with busy business owners or new parents looking to redefine their identities.

You may decide to become a career coach, helping your clients to navigate their careers, or a life success coach, helping your clients to make their dreams a reality. You may even choose to become a resilience coach, helping your clients to overcome challenges and empowering them through difficult times.

Finding a coaching niche is a great way to offer your services to those who have experiences that you can speak to directly. If you have firsthand experience with negative relationships, for example, you may opt to work with those going through a divorce of separation. The insights and tools that you have gained throughout your journey can be a positive beacon that guides others to success.

Outcomes of personal growth coach

The outcomes of personal growth with a certified coach are life-changing.

Life coaches help their clients to release their fears and self doubts and stay motivated to combat obstacles. They provide clarity, working with clients to identify short-term and long-term goals and developing strategic plans to turn aspirations into actions.

Personal growth requires an intimate knowledge of the self. Through personal growth coaching, clients gain a deeper understanding of their strengths and weaknesses and how to leverage them for success. Clients foster a greater sense of self-awareness and are able to see the path towards their aspirations with clarity.

Clients may choose to use their coaching time to build on a skill, such as time management, self-motivation or delegation. They are encouraged to nurture a growth mindset and develop the skills of agile learning and adaptability to respond flexibly to change.

Another common outcome of personal development work is an improvement in communication skills as clients discover their true motivations and have the confidence to request what they truly want. This, along with a greater awareness of the perspectives of others, allows clients to build more satisfying and fulfilling relationships.

Personal development coaches and life coaches are world-changers. They open up opportunities, build dreams and give their clients the tools to transform their lives into a journey of discovery and possibilities.

How can I become a personal development coach?

Coaches play such an important role in the lives of their clients, but how do they learn how to do it?

Firstly, a personal growth coach needs to carry within them the desire to become a world-changer. They must be seeking a way to impact those around them and going down the path of self-improvement in their own lives.

Coaches are not just people with an innate talent for personal growth or super successful individuals. Coaches must build and learn the skills of personal development life coaching themselves. They are involved in a lifelong learning journey.

Studying for a certification in Personal Growth Coaching

What’s the best way to learn from the experts and get the right credentials? Studying for an accredited life coaching certification program, through the Jay Shetty Certification School assisted pathway, becoming a certified Life & Success Coach sets you up for with everything you need to succeed.

The certification is an accredited 120 hour course that is supported and recognised by the Association of Coaching®. The syllabus is specially designed to cover all the important things you need to know about becoming a coach specialising in personal development life coaching.

The Jay Shetty Certification programme can be split into three areas:

  • Becoming a life coach: Learn the foundational coaching methodologies developed by Jay Shetty, plus gain access to a whole toolbox of techniques and resources developed by Jay that you can use with your own clients.
  • Getting the most for your clients: Develop the client relationship skills you need to provide constructive support and the ability to draw out the most from your clients.
  • Building a Coaching Business: Find out how to build your business. This topic encompasses all areas of running a coaching business and has modules in marketing, administration and accounting. It contains everything you need to start working as a personal development coach right away.

Then, once you’ve passed your final exam and satisfied all of the programme requirements, you will become certified as a Jay Shetty Coach. You will be listed on our Coach Platform, where clients can search and discover you, and registered as an individual coach by the Association for Coaching.

The Jay Shetty Certification is designed to set you up for success.

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