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The Pathway to Life Coaching Program: A Journey through the Journey of a Certified Coach

So you are interested in being a life coach. What about this opportunity speaks to you, and why? What will happen if you do it and what if you don’t?  I knew I loved the idea of being a life coach, but speaking with schools left me feeling disconnected. I let doubt creep in… Perhaps this wasn’t the path for me? Maybe I was mistaken in the connection I felt?

I found a free program through Jay Shetty’s Pathway to Life Coaching Program. The whole purpose was to help you see if life coaching was for you. I immediately signed up for it because I wanted the answer to that very question. The pathway program restored my assurance that life coaching resonates with me on a “soul connection” level. When discussing enrollment with the Jay Shetty Certification School, the major selling features for me included support, cost, timeframe, and business creation. If you are considering whether life coaching is for you, I highly recommend taking part in Jay Shetty’s Pathway to Life Coaching Program.

What is it like to be a Jay Shetty Certified Coach?

In one word, “fulfilling.” I have never felt such amazing support without any ulterior motives. Everyone truly wants to see you succeed. You have so many continuous development opportunities and credibility that comes from being a certified coach. Being a certified coach is a lifestyle shift that involves learning to trust and believe in your abilities. It is a lifestyle of uplifting and holding space for others as they go through their journey of life. My favorite part of becoming a coach with Jay Shetty Certification School was finding my niche, which allowed me to combine my purpose and my life message with Jay Shetty’s mission to impact 1 billion lives worldwide.

Find out who you are as a coach.

Don’t try to be someone else. You are who your client needs. Put on your “coaching hat” and not a mask of who you think you should be. Your clients need you to talk about your niche in your own way. You deserve to live your best life, and your clients deserve the most authentic, vulnerable, and confident you! Impact the world around you in your way! No one else will touch your clients in the same way that you would. The world needs you. You are a giver, an impact maker, an uplifter, a sit-by-er, a carer, and a coach.

Go to school and get certified for the growth, the learning, the networking, and the focused insights and reflections. However, don’t let it steal your confidence. You are a coach, you are meant to be a coach, you’ve always had some coaching skills, and now, you are granting yourself time: time to learn about the opportunity and reflect on what it brings up for you. Analyze the fears, dreams, feelings, and unmet needs that come up. Don’t let fears or expectations stop you from following your path. “Doubt your doubts” and “fire the liar.”

Have self-compassion; everyone has a different path. Honor your journey and what helps you along yours. Grant yourself grace, time, and awareness, and build out your support system. Your authenticity will reach the right people. Trust the process.

My greatest rewards from stepping into my life as a coach with the Jay Shetty Certification School:

  • Finding a fulfilling, purpose-based means of serving those around me, and using my gifts in the best way for those who need them.
  • Having knowledge of my life message and daily connection with the things that “soul connect” with me.
  • Witnessing my clients trust their inner wisdom without thinking about it for the first time; having the honor of being chosen to walk my clients’ journeys and seeing them achieve the goals they were working on with me.
  • Have the gift of seeing someone as the whole, complete, and resourceful individual they are, and knowing I am too.
  • Having personal growth and understanding.

I invite you to find your type of service: find your authentic coaching niche, style, and school. Be the coach you are meant to be and be yourself. I promise you will inspire those who connect with your soul. Be confidently and unapologetically you!

I wish you the best on your coaching journey.

Article written by:

Fallon Casalino


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