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Why Becoming a Coach Can Produce Massive Benefits – Lessons from a Coach Training School

Life coaching is an exciting new career path that only has been formally recognized in the helping professions for a relatively short time. As industry bodies such as the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and the Association for Coaching (AC) sharpen their efforts to ensure the high quality and consistent standards of the profession and providers through training, oversight, and continuous professional development, life coaching is experiencing incredible growth.

An important component to facilitate the supply of highly qualified and capable life coaches is the development and management of an accredited coach training school like the Jay Shetty Certification School. The school’s activities include video lessons, weekly webinars, career and program counseling, personal and group coaching supervision, workshops, business training, and skills development of alumni. We have designed these elements to form a cohesive whole that prepares students to become fully-fledged coaches with sustainable practices by the end of their formal training.

So, why – and to who – is this important?

Obviously, in the first place, being successful in a new career is valuable and comforting to the newly certified coach and new students when they make the decision and join the program. The knowledge and proof that the program is successful, and yields results to support a successful career and business remove much of the added worries and concerns that people who are in the beginning phase of a career often face. So, they are better positioned to focus on developing the key competencies that will make them great coaches. They know that, by passing the final examination, they will have a certificate recognized by the industry and already be well on their way to earn accreditation as a life coach if they decide to pursue it.

Secondly, prospective clients know from the certification and credibility of the coach training school that the life coach is well-trained, knowledgeable, has practical experience, an ethical approach, and possesses the skills to produce the outcome they claim. The client, who typically has many life coaches to choose from, feel confident in and more committed to their decision. As with any of the talking professions, a client feeling confident and committed is already in a good place and open to receive openness and build trust. Research has shown that the ability to have a trusting relationship in the beginning and deepen it in the next few sessions is the most important determinant of a positive outcome.

And, thirdly, we should not forget the larger picture beyond the benefits to the single coach and client. As coaching grows, it becomes a worldwide movement with incredible power to change sentiments and situations collectively. Let’s look at some numbers to illustrate this ripple effect! To date, not even 14 months after accepting our first students, we have passed more than 130 students as certified life coaches. Most of them already have a sustainable base of paid clients. If every one of them sees five clients per month, and these five clients affect the lives of just five people that are closest to them positively, that is an incredible 3,250 lives that are already directly touched. If these people each reach out and spread their happiness to 10 more and the process continues in a ripple, we quickly get to a million people that have already experienced the benefits of life coaching – just from our coach training school alone after little more than a year!

Therefore, it is important to recognize that a coach training school not only benefits the coach and their individual clients but the world as a collective system to spread hope and fulfillment far beyond the original reaches!

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