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Julie Cremoux

  • Mindset + Transformation Coach

Julie Cremoux

  • Mindset + Transformation Coach

The sun is shining but you throw the pillow over your face. You are not ready to face the day ahead and all the never ending responsibilities. Things are already running through your mind. Who can you say no to? They all need you. Their pain, their hurts, their disappointments. You’re always the go to person for everyone and yet you don’t feel good enough and lack the confidence to step into the authentic you. Do these thoughts sound familiar?

Are you putting everybody else’s needs in front of yours? Are you people pleasing? Is perfectionism getting the best of you? Are you valuing your self worth? Are you tired of feeling like the weight is on your shoulders and you can’t move forward?

What is it costing you to continue in the same direction?

Are you an empath? Someone who is sensitive to the emotions and energies around you, sometimes at the cost of your own? You are not alone. There are many of us out there and once we learn to see our empath abilities as a superpower, we can step into our strengths and spread our light.

For many years, as an empath I struggled with similar hurts and despair. From a girl who didn’t know how to set boundaries and felt so much shame for being in an abusive relationship, to someone who forgave herself. I built my emotional intelligence; I discovered how to cope with loved ones who were depressed and suicidal, and I released the responsibility I was putting on myself to fix anyone. It’s how I finally found peace in my life. Through this coaching journey, I have proved to myself that I know myself and that I will always have a home to come back to –  a place to ground myself. I coach because that realization exists within us all.

I empower empaths to spread their light, protect their energy, and build deeper relationships with themselves and others.

Now a little more about me, I was born in France and grew up in California. Experienced as a graphic designer, videographer, photographer, and volleyball coach, I have been privileged to connect with people from all walks of life. It’s shown me that we may all be unique; yet we all struggle with some of the same challenges. It brings me so much joy in serving my clients and guiding them to go through their own healing journey.

Everyone is whole, complete, and resourceful and with the help of a life coach to expose your blind spots, that transformation happens much faster. I am a mindset + transformation coach, great listener, patient, very observant, and ready to call you out when I need to. If you feel I am the right coach for you, click the link below and book your free coaching call.

It’s time to invest in yourself!