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Karthigah Saker

  • Clarity & Confidence Coach

Karthigah Saker

  • Clarity & Confidence Coach

I am Karthigah Saker and I am from Malaysia. Studied nursing for the sake of my parents and chose to be a cabin crew to run away from the hospital.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do in my life as I was constantly trying to make people around me happy.

I lost my mind, self, and my path too. So I told myself, I would rather be stuck somewhere because of my decision rather than try so hard to be somewhere I don’t want.

Career and relationship are two important matters in our life. You can’t live a balanced life if you overlook it. My relationship with people around me and my career play an important role in my mental health. I realized this when I was a student nurse.

I was wondering how to improve my relationship with people around me and my career for many years. And during the pandemic, I realized that my relationship with myself is the main ingredient to improving my relationship with others.

If you are not on good terms with yourself and neglecting your needs, it is hard for you to do your best. Yourself is your partner, you have to have a good relationship with yourself.

If you can’t understand yourself better, no one can do that. Only you know yourself better. And this is what everyone is struggling with. They failed to build a deeper connection with themselves.

They thought they knew themselves but the question was how well? Will you be able to stand for your needs, beliefs, and yourself?

So many people would rather believe what others told about themselves because they barely know themselves better. How many times have you doubted yourself just because people said something about you?

That’s the main reason why I choose to be a clarity and confidence coach. I want you to unlock your best self and gain the confidence to choose the alternate options that you should. If you are struggling with a relationship or career, let me help you. This is the time for you to stand out from the crowd.