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Anthony Ikin

As a young person, Anthony was bullied for his sexuality.

As an adult, he enjoyed performing all over the world as a hugely successful dancer and performer. He felt he was living his dream and his passion, but something was still missing.

A long-time fan of Jay Shetty, when he learned that Jay was launching the Jay Shetty Certification School, Anthony’s interest was piqued.

As a coach, Anthony is now a role model for people who have overcome the judgement and negative opinions of others.

He is an inspiration and a great motivation to his clients, understanding that no matter what walk of life you come from, one of the biggest roadblocks holding you back is fear.

Anthony specializes in personal resilience, and his Reset and Restart practices allow people to find a fresh perspective: turning their fears into motivation.


Interview Questions Answered

• What is the definition of success?
• How have you dealt with people questioning the legitimacy of coaching and your practice?
• What was your biggest “aha” moment in the Jay Shetty course?

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